Grow Passion Into Purpose

This is a 3 part field guide covering the root, sprout and bloom of defining your passion and growing it into purpose. It teaches how building a platform/portfolio highlighting your passion can lead to work and relationships based around what you love! It offers timeless tips plus insights from personal experience on how to tell your story, serve others with your strengths, and use social and digital media in a meaningful way.

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Here's What You Can Expect:

A 3 week interactive and engaging e-course intended to help you create a platform with purpose based on your passion. You'll learn how to start with a strong foundation, establish smart connections and relationships on social media, and mature into achievement!

  • Printable PDF with 3 chapters packed with lessons, notes, and images

  • Helpful how-to video tutorials based on each topic

  • Insightful and vulnerable interviews with professionals who've turned their passion into purpose

  • Video answers to 10 quick questions on each topic

  • Access to private community group on instagram with daily conversations plus a live Q&A each week