Helping your teen create a platform with purpose

Introducing our teens to the online world is overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start and how to support them. I’ve felt called to contribute to a solution toward helping teens have a healthy online lifestyle. I believe it can be positive and productive if we are actively engaged in the process and we train them to let their passion lead them. A good way to think about exposing teens to online activity is to consider letting them create a platform. Most platforms are based on sharing a passion. This offers them a way to give their passion a purpose, plus it allows them to build a portfolio of what they are practicing. Tons of teachable moments can take shape and it's a great way to bond by showing your teen you’re interested in their endeavors and guiding them on their journey. I’ve started slowly exposing my daughter to this process and she is so thankful for the support! It’s been a great system for showing her how social media can be meaningful too! This project has led us to some great conversations and opened communication about things I never even thought to discuss. I came to realize that putting in the time and attention to this concept had a powerful impact on her confidence and comfort in regard to her composure on the internet. I’m continually reminded that at their core tweens and teens appreciate having someone by their side as they transition into the new and unknown.

Here's what you can expect:

This month-long plan is intended to lead you and your young one to a positive online experience. Over the course of four weeks, your teen will develop their own platform based on what they're excited and passionate about! They will also be productive in building a portfolio of what they are practicing.

  • 60 pages worth of project based learning

  • 4 chapters intended for a month long plan

  • 5 tasks to complete each week

  • prompts to complete daily tasks

  • note pages to collect thoughts and write ideas

  • a range of helpful tips, insight, and perspective from personal experience